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What You Don't Know About Me...

Did you know I almost didn’t launch my photography business this year? I felt this prompting in my spirit that I needed to move forward, but I hesitated. I love doing photography, but my life was already so full. I was afraid. I knew I could take beautiful photos. I was doing that of my family and friends already. The thing that made me unsure was showing people my mess. People would know I didn’t have it altogether all of the time.

Solo Cups and Seedlings

At the beginning of this year, I had a little greenhouse, and I started out different varieties of lettuce from seeds in red solo cups. As the tiny plants formed and grew, I got too busy to manage them as well as they needed, and I left them in the cups for too long. Soon, they outgrew their space, and their growth started to be their end. They were becoming root bound, and if I didn’t move them to a bigger container, they would atrophy and die.