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Why My Blog Was Silent For a Year

Have you ever felt like your life was just one big, disorganized mess? That no matter how hard you tried or how genuine your intentions were that you couldn’t get it completely right. You were trying. You really were. Things were just falling apart faster than you could fix them. Treading water day after day kept you alive but was not your idea of thriving.

Resurrection Kid

It was a beautiful day. The kind that only comes after everything goes wrong. I had worked hard the day before and lost one of the injured goats and buried her in the field beside us. I could still see the dark dirt covering her gentle face as the earth took her into her final sleep.

But now, the sun was shining. The temperature was just right. The birds were singing all around in the trees. Sadness was being warmed away...

Faith Like an Acorn

God is infinitely good and kind to me. Years ago, when we first found this property. It was for sale, and our church had just received the lowest offering in a while. We had medical debt we had collected while planting our church. The housing market had crashed, and nothing was selling in our area.

Yet, God works in spite of circumstances, and He planted a desire in my heart to pray and ask Him for this property. It started with this oak tree... 

Like Swiss Chard

My fingers moved across the spindly plants that were limp and clearly near death. I had grown them from seeds. They had survived an unexpected frost and had continued to grow. Recently, they had just plateaued. I thought to myself that maybe I just wasn’t very talented at growing Swiss Chard. Maybe, they just needed to pulled and thrown into the compost, so another plant could have its chance in their space...

When Dreams Die

How do you handle it when you watch your dreams catch on fire in front of you and burn in a glorious mess right when they were all coming together after years of closed doors, prayers, and planning? That feeling is where we are now. We are crushed.

For weeks, we have been hiding from the general public the most wonderful secret... 

My Beginner Square Foot Garden

I recently read the newest edition of "Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholemew, and I was completely inspired. I love the idea of having a huge, thriving garden, but while we are living in a transitional place, we aren't close to Redemption Square and lots of acreage.