All in faith

Solo Cups and Seedlings

At the beginning of this year, I had a little greenhouse, and I started out different varieties of lettuce from seeds in red solo cups. As the tiny plants formed and grew, I got too busy to manage them as well as they needed, and I left them in the cups for too long. Soon, they outgrew their space, and their growth started to be their end. They were becoming root bound, and if I didn’t move them to a bigger container, they would atrophy and die.

Why My Blog Was Silent For a Year

Have you ever felt like your life was just one big, disorganized mess? That no matter how hard you tried or how genuine your intentions were that you couldn’t get it completely right. You were trying. You really were. Things were just falling apart faster than you could fix them. Treading water day after day kept you alive but was not your idea of thriving.

Resurrection Kid

It was a beautiful day. The kind that only comes after everything goes wrong. I had worked hard the day before and lost one of the injured goats and buried her in the field beside us. I could still see the dark dirt covering her gentle face as the earth took her into her final sleep.

But now, the sun was shining. The temperature was just right. The birds were singing all around in the trees. Sadness was being warmed away...