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Resurrection Kid

Resurrection Kid

It was a beautiful day. The kind that only comes after everything goes wrong. I had worked hard the day before and lost one of the injured goats and buried her in the field beside us. I could still see the dark dirt covering her gentle face as the earth took her into her final sleep.

But now, the sun was shining. The temperature was just right. The birds were singing all around in the trees. Sadness was being warmed away.

Our boots were sinking in the damp grass, and we kept a brisk pace as we walked on. We had bottles of precious warm milk swinging beside us in a plastic tote bag. I shifted it to the side as I pulled the rusty chains of the gate and swung it wide enough for us to squeeze through.

My daughter was talking away. I don't really remember about what. It may have been about the types of birds flying around. It could have been about the shadows of fish in our neighbor's pond.

I closed the gate and secured it well. We picked up the pace again. Hand in hand enjoying being together in this moment.

We saw her. A black and white pregnant doe stiffly standing in our way. I stopped Abby when I realized the doe was alone. The rest of the flock was in the other field. I had noticed her sway earlier that day and had mentally noted her udders were looking fuller than the day before. Was she going into labor? We didn't need to disturb her.

Abby grabbed my arm and pointed. "Look Momma, her baby is on the ground." I saw the lifeless shape in front of her, gave Abby some quick instructions, and we carefully moved forward to see.

I think I held my breath. I saw a motionless form of tissue. The baby was in an unbroken amniotic sac and was completely still. The new mother wasn't trying to break it. 

Something compelled me. Maybe it was the Spirit sending my hands into motion.

I quickly knelt down, handed Abby my phone, and began to work. I was surprised the sack wasn't warm, and I started trying to break the poor creature free. Abby shoved a towel towards me, and I rubbed with all of my might and pulled at the tissue around its face. It was so slippery. The more I worked the more hopeless it felt. I was trying to save something I didn't know was alive. I just felt it was.


As I finally cleared the afterbirth from its mouth, I heard it cry, and I rubbed and pulled at the sticky tissue more purposefully. With each stroke, soft fur appeared and the baby's lungs became more free to do their work. I sighed a breath of praise to God the Father for caring about things as tiny as this. It was so tiny. I had never seen such a small baby. It was the smallest of all of the runts.

It was alive.

His mother had been startled by our intrusion and had bolted behind us and given birth to a second healthier baby in the barn. We rubbed it down too and helped her clean it up. We placed two beautiful babies, a buckling and a doeling, in fresh hay beside her.


I was amazed. 

God had placed the doe in the exact path we walked every time, so we couldn't miss this baby's need. I had grabbed a towel just in case I needed it before I had walked out the door. Abby had been there with me to give me a second hand and to film everything that happened to share it with you. Again, God had shown His great power of life over death right beside Redemption Square.

It is beautiful to taste and see that God is good.

If you'd like to watch the rescue yourself, Abby did an incredible job recording the whole thing. She's pretty impressive for a 9 year old. Warning: It's graphic.


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