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When God Gives You Another Kid...

When God Gives You Another Kid...

My phone rang, and I squinted to see who would be calling so early. The sun wasn't up yet. It was dark and cold outside. I answered with a foggy mind trying to make sense of where I was and what was going on. It was a cry for help. 

Someone had went out to feed their horses. There were two pitt bulls, blood, and missing goats. I woke up Bryan. We swiftly got dressed and made our way out the door to give whatever aid we could.

Bryan went after the dangerous dog that had gotten away. I went to search for the wounded and dead. I hadn't gone far when I found a pregnant doe. Her flank was tensing with rapid breaths. There was so much blood.

"Oh God," I breathed out. I stayed with her while someone else went to look for the rest. I stroked her coat gently and prayed for her to make it as the sun crept across the sky. 

Good news. The others were found on the other side of the field. Only one more was badly injured. Of course, it was another pregnant doe. 

With much effort, we coaxed the herd into safer pastures. We assessed the damage. We did what we could and called the farm vet for help.

After he arrived, the does were stitched up the best possible. Their wounds were washed. They were set up in a small pen to give them the best chance at surviving their injuries. We began the fight for their lives. Washing wounds on a schedule, injections twice a day, and extra diligence in helping them eat and drink with broken jaws. I prayed for God to intervene.

As the sun set last night, darkness seemed to win. I kept pushing away the fear of what this deadly dog would do to a playing child if he tore apart a sleeping goat. The carnage I had seen tormented my mind, and I kept turning to the Lord in prayer as I drifted off to sleep.

God heard my cries. This morning when the sun rose again over the same land that had seen heartache the day before. God brought forth life. Two of the does had given birth to four precious babies. Where death had threatened, life abounded instead. 


While the goats have much healing to do and will need extra help with their young, they have a chance. They have made it another day.

Joy has come after mourning. 

Redemption Square has grown again.

The Good Shepard prevailed.

That's how we ended up raising newborn goats at the end of remodeling our home. It's a good thing I have a patient husband.

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