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Faith Like an Acorn

Faith Like an Acorn

God is infinitely good and kind to me. Years ago, when we first found this property. It was for sale, and our church had just received the lowest offering in a while. We had medical debt we had collected while planting our church. The housing market had crashed, and nothing was selling in our area.

Yet, God works in spite of circumstances, and He planted a desire in my heart to pray and ask Him for this property. It started with this oak tree. 

We had stopped by the property after church. As I stood beside this massive oak tree, I felt stirred to remember that it had began as a tiny acorn. God had shielded it and grown it through changing seasons, tumultuous hurricanes, rising floodwaters, and so much more. It had made it to the height of its glory. It was a testimony of God's faithfulness- of God's ability to work out His plan in impossible circumstances. I was challenged to have the faith of a mustard seed... or the faith of an acorn. 

While I don't believe following Jesus always ends with every dream being fulfilled in this life, I do believe He is good and delights to do good to His children.

I believed based on who He was- not on what I had to offer.

I believed God could do the impossible and give us this beautiful property if He so chose. Through an amazing story filled with God ordained circumstances and people, God did. In keeping with God's plan in our hearts for this property, we named it, "Redemption Square." Then and now, we have always believed that God's plan for this property is bigger than us.

Years have passed, and many prayers have been spoken. We have tried time and time again to make a way to live on "our promised land." We have gotten close, but the door has closed right before us every time. We even rented a small house that ran on the back side to it for a little over a year and had almost decided to settle there, because it was almost good enough. Then, that door closed firmly too. Our desire to live here has only grown.

When we least expected it, we had found a hundred old farmhouse that needed to be moved. We began the process of purchasing it and moving it, and every door seemed wide open. It was the house of my dreams. Then, it wasn't. The deal fell through last minute, and there we were with a loan we had already started with the bank. We were heartbroken.

I have literally searched high and low since then for a house. God made it clear that it was time to go back to Gautier. The funny thing was it didn't seem like He was providing a house. We looked at so many possibilities, and all of the doors closed. I was discouraged but trying to trust. We were determined to not overextend ourselves financially.

One day, when we were at Redemption Square, caring for our property. I found this growing in one of my flower pots. Tears filled my eyes, and I was overwhelmed by what I had found.

My spirit stirred within me. I marveled at this little oak tree. It was so puny, but it was alive.

I just needed to have the faith of an acorn and keep moving forward. He was doing His work. God would provide what we needed. With so much of our ministry in this season of life occurring around a home, a house was a need for us. God would take care of us just as He does the oak trees.

Less than a week later, a house I had previously been interested in came back on the market. This house wasn't my dream farmhouse, but it was a sensible and practical choice for our family.

We made offers back and forth for what seemed like forever, and our offer was finally accepted. We now have a house! 

While it is very much a fixer upper, it has a great layout for doing life well. It is the perfect shape to make it easier to move or to expand it in the future so every kid gets a bedroom. Most of all, it is in our budget, and it comes with almost 5 acres of land that we can sell also. It is exactly the kind of situation we need.

Tomorrow, we close on this little house that is fifty miles away that we will buy and move to our property. It needs a lot of work, but it goes along with the idea for our property. It's to be a place of redemption and restoration, and this house surely needs to be redeemed from neglect and abuse and filled with love.

We are so excited to feel traction and see our dreams moving forward. We are so thankful to have a way to do that now. Pray with us as we navigate a thousand hoops and mines in this process, and pray that our house move goes smoothly. Prayer is what has gotten us this far. I am grateful to have you on this journey with us. Let's rejoice together over what God has done and is doing for our family.

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