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Square Foot Gardening- One Month Later

Square Foot Gardening- One Month Later

I am in love. Square foot gardening makes so much sense, and it works! I have successfully navigated gardening, despite quite a few pitfalls and recovering from a major surgery. If I can do it, I feel pretty certain anyone can.


I have a small yard that can flood during many seasons. I have animals that are non-negotiables. We live in a climate that can be hot, cold, and in-between all within the same day. The area where we planted can be extremely windy. I have small children, very limited garden tools, and mostly book-experience.  I even started my garden before the frost date.


Everything is still growing! It has grown well. It has been an absolute joy to plant seeds in the ground and see them spring up rapidly and continue to thrive. 


To manage the temperature dips in February and March, we built a make-shift greenshouse that we have since taken down. We have water bottles in between plants to radiate extra heat at night. I'll probably toss them after Easter.


I am growing yellow and green peppers, turnips, collard greens, nasturtiums, marigold, kale, rosemary, sugar snap peas, Kentucky Wonder Beans, and swiss chard. I just planted cosmos, zinnia, and bachelor buttons, because I love cut flowers.


I planted so much more on a huge plot of land last year with a ton more work, and the weeds literally overtook my plants, despite hours committed to keeping them at bay. With Square Foot Gardening, I spend time admiring and watering my plants each day- not weeding. It is such a great thing for small children to experience as well.


My kids are anticipating eating vegetables from the garden as soon as they can, because they have been part of this process and are so excited.


I don't supplement with fertilizer, Miracle Grow, or anything non-organic. Good, old-fashioned compost supplies my plants with everything they need to thrive. I can't wait to be able to expand my Square Foot Garden to many more squares in the future when we finally move to Redemption Square one day.


When Dreams Die

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Happy Birthday to Our 5 Year Old Pax

Happy Birthday to Our 5 Year Old Pax